Earrings Boost Your Style Statement

Ear piercing happens to be one of the oldest ornamental styles. Both women and men have worn ornaments since the ancient times. The oldest ones were excavated from the Grave of Ur of Iraq; and this ornament belonged to the era of 2500 B.C. The ornaments are hung from the ear lobes by mainly two different ways – by wires and by posts. As per the hanging system diverse kinds of them are created these days. You can easily boost your style statement in a number of different ways with the help of these.

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Pierce Earring Jewelries

  • The stud earrings are the most common ones. They are lined with the ear lobe via a post. The studs are kept in a position by a small tight push which merely sandwiches the lobes.
  • The hooped ones hang from the ear lobes with the help of semi-circular wires. Posts are also used to secure the earring onto the ear tightly.
  • Women simply love danglers. They run for around a few centimeters but do not reach the shoulders. Wires and posts also help in the attachments, but wires are most frequently used. They are normally bent into a small S-shaped hook.
  • The ‘huggy’ sort seems to hug the ear lobes. From conventional to funky varied designs are crafted with this system. You can certainly opt for exquisite gold under lobe earrings that could help add shine to your style statement.
  • The slave ornaments are also very popular. They are more like studs onto which a think chain is attached. The cuffs are placed higher up on the ears.
  • The ear threads are basically made of thin and very delicate chains that pass through the hole in the ear lobe anchoring the stud with the lobe. It then dangles from the back of the lobe.

No-Pierce Earrings

Piercing is not just the only approach for all those who want to flaunt earrings epically when you want to wear more than one. There are different varieties of no-pierce ornaments out there which are simply clipped-on to the ear lobes. The ear cuff is just another type. It sticks well to the helix by simply pinching it. These are most commonly used by men but they may cause itching and redness after sometime. Magnetic earrings also replicate studs. They get attached to the ear lobes due to the magnetic force. The hooked ones dangle with the help of a large hook that holds the entire ear.

It is now time when you should take your pick and enhance your style statement.

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